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Do you have stacks of containers sitting in your warehouse taking up  space? Let us put them back into working condition for you with our Universal Plus™ Repair program. We fully guarantee our work, and you can free up floor space, and save the cost of new replacement containers. 

We thoroughly check the physical condition of each container, sort those that can be  repaired, and those that cannot. We pay close attention to safety factors, and do not  repair any container if the structural integrity cannot be fully restored.



We check for holes, cracks, broken doors and broken latches. Those with holes or cracks are sent to our welding department where they are professionally repaired. For boxes that are damaged beyond repair, we will give you the scrap price per pound, and you can apply it to the repair or replacement of your containers.

Each container is then high-pressure, heat washed and prepared for shipment back to you. You are charged only for those containers that can be repaired and returned to you for continued use. We grind and recycle plastic containers that cannot be repaired and will give you the scrap price per pound. All work is guaranteed by Universal Package! Contact us online or, call us at 812-937-3605 for complete details.