Kitting Totes

Kitting totes provide efficient and organized storage for assembling kits or organizing materials. With their versatile design and durable construction, these totes streamline the kitting process and simplify inventory management.

Product Description

At Universal Package, we empathize with the challenges you face when it comes to protecting your components during transit. We understand that damage or loss can result in costly delays and impact your bottom line. Our custom kitting totes offer a reliable solution to mitigate these risks.

With our tailored design, your components will fit perfectly and securely in our kitting totes, ensuring maximum protection throughout their journey. Our totes are built to withstand the demands of an industrial environment, providing durability and peace of mind. You can trust that your components will arrive safely and in pristine condition.

Not only do our kitting totes prioritize protection, but they also prioritize convenience. The ergonomic design makes them lightweight and easy to handle, minimizing strain and fatigue during transportation. With stackable and nesting features, they optimize storage space and reduce clutter in your facility.

Don’t let the fear of damage or loss hold you back from efficiently transporting your components. Choose Universal Package as your guide to reliable and customized kitting totes.


Tailored Protection

Our kitting totes are custom-designed to perfectly fit your specific components, providing maximum protection and eliminating the risk of damage or loss.

Durable and Reliable

Crafted from high-quality, durable materials, our totes are built to withstand the demands of an industrial environment, ensuring long-lasting protection for your valuable components.

Efficient Space Utilization

With their stackable design and nesting feature, our kitting totes optimize storage and save valuable floor space in your facility.

How To Get Started



Our packaging professionals, specializing in kitting totes, will engage with you to deep dive into your requirements, identify any potential problems, and amass product specifics. This meticulous process allows us to serve your packaging objectives and ambitions effectively.



Our seasoned design specialist team leverages cutting-edge technology to craft custom-made kitting tote solutions that are perfect for your needs. Guaranteeing a perfect fit, incorporation of branding elements, and addressing distinctive organizational demands is always at the core of our design process.



Our proficient team, with their unmatchable craftsmanship, produces kitting tote packaging solutions following the highest levels of quality standards. We carefully handpick uncompromisingly durable materials and employ advanced machinery and modern techniques to deliver outstanding and durable results.


Using kitting totes for organizing materials offers several benefits. They provide efficient storage and organization, ensuring that all necessary components are easily accessible during the assembly process. Kitting totes help reduce clutter, minimize search time, and improve overall efficiency in managing materials.

Yes, kitting totes can be customized to fit specific kit assembly requirements. They can be tailored to accommodate different sizes, shapes, and quantities of components. Our team can work with you to design kitting totes that align with your specific assembly needs, optimizing the organization and accessibility of materials.

Kitting totes are designed to be easily transported between workstations during the assembly process. They are typically lightweight and feature ergonomic handles for comfortable carrying. This mobility ensures smooth workflow and seamless transition between assembly stations, increasing productivity and reducing unnecessary movement.

Yes, there are different sizes and capacities available for kitting totes. We offer a range of options to accommodate various kit assembly needs. Whether you require small totes for compact items or larger totes for bulkier components, we can provide solutions that match your specific requirements.

Kitting totes greatly contribute to improving workflow and reducing assembly time. By having all necessary materials organized and readily accessible, workers can locate and retrieve components quickly, minimizing downtime. The efficient design and layout of kitting totes enable faster assembly processes, ensuring a streamlined workflow that leads to increased productivity and reduced assembly time.

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