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Working closely with our clients in the traffic safety industry, we specialize in providing products that significantly increase visibility and safety on roads. Rely on us to improve road safety with our superior traffic reflectors and safety solutions. Contact us today for innovative products that ensure the safety of everyone on the road.


Exceptional Quality

Our REFLEX BACK Traffic Safety Products are meticulously crafted from premium substrate materials and top-tier reflective sheeting. Proudly made in the USA, these products are designed to offer exceptional durability and withstand even the most extreme conditions, ensuring enduring reliability and enhanced road safety.

Superior Performance

Discover exceptional resilience with our exclusive REFLEX BACK substrate, renowned for its flexibility and durability. This ensures our reflectors and backers are more resistant to damage from snow removal, accidents, or theft, providing reliable traffic safety with less frequent replacement needs.


Maximize both safety and savings with our REFLEX BACK product line. Built to outlast and outperform competing products, our traffic signs and reflectors lower maintenance expenses while significantly boosting safety for all road users.

Are You Wasting Resources On Traditional Traffic Safety Products?

Increase Highway Safety with REFLEX BACK Solutions:

Faqs for Traffic Safety Solutions

REFLEX BACK products are crafted from a flexible, UV-resistant polypropylene substrate that ensures exceptional durability and resilience against weather conditions.

Yes, most REFLEX BACK products are designed for straightforward installation, requiring minimal tools or effort, making them user-friendly.

Absolutely, these traffic reflectors are engineered to endure extreme weather conditions, including UV exposure, snow, ice, and rain.

The main goal of traffic safety reflectors is to boost road safety by increasing visibility and providing clear direction to both drivers and pedestrians. They are vital for safe nighttime driving, navigating poor weather conditions, marking lanes and boundaries, improving sign visibility, and highlighting potential hazards.

The replacement frequency for REFLEX BACK products depends on various factors such as environmental conditions and usage, but they are designed for long-term durability and typically require infrequent replacements.

We carry a wide range of REFLEX BACK products including:

  • Guardrail Reflectors
  • Barrier Wall Reflectors
  • Cable Barrier System Reflectors
  • Traffic Sign Backers
  • Weed Guards
  • Temporary HMA Pavement Markers

REFLEX BACK traffic safety solutions including their reflectors, delineators, and signage applicators are all manufactured in the USA.

Contact us through our website or by phone. We will make sure we fully understand your needs and requirements so we can give you a transparent quote and provide you with the proper traffic safety products.

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