Solid Plastic Dunnage

Solid plastic dunnage refers to durable and versatile support and cushioning materials used to protect products during transportation and storage. These plastic components provide reliable protection against impact, vibration, and other potential hazards, ensuring the safe arrival of goods.

Product Description

At Universal Package, we know that the success of your business relies on the safe transportation and storage of your products. That’s why we offer custom solid plastic dunnage that provides an exact fit, superior protection, and efficient organization for your items.

Our team of experts collaborates closely with you to engineer custom dunnage that precisely accommodates the shape, size, and fragility of your products. This ensures optimal security and eliminates the risk of damage during transit, even for delicate or sensitive items. With our precisely tailored solutions, you can trust that your products will arrive in perfect condition, boosting customer satisfaction and minimizing returns.

In addition to unbeatable protection, our custom solid plastic dunnage promotes efficient organization and space optimization. Through customized compartments and cutouts, your products are securely nestled, preventing shifting or bumping during transportation. This streamlined arrangement not only enhances protection but also maximizes shipping container or storage space utilization, allowing you to optimize your logistics operations. Plastic dunnage offers the advantage of reducing delays as it is not as prone to international inspections like wood, resulting in smoother and more efficient transportation of goods.

Choose Universal Package for your solid plastic dunnage needs and experience a trusted partner that prioritizes quality, customization, and reliability. We are committed to providing solutions that not only safeguard your products but also contribute to sustainability and reduced waste through reusable packaging options.


Exact Fit

Our dunnage is engineered to precision, providing a secure and tailored solution for your products.

Superior Protection

Made from high-quality materials, our dunnage ensures your items are shielded from impact and handling conditions.

Efficient Organization

Custom compartments and cutouts keep your products in place, optimizing space and preventing shifting or damage.

How To Get Started



Our team, filled with returnable packaging connoisseurs, are knowledgeable in solid plastic dunnage. They will attentively understand your requirements, evaluate any difficulties you encounter, and compile important details about your products.



Our talented designers utilize cutting-edge technology to conjure unique packaging solutions for solid plastic dunnage. We promise a perfect fit, have the capacity to incorporate branding elements by preference, and cater to custom organizational requirements.



Our capable crew constructs premium packaging solutions for solid plastic dunnage. We take utmost care in sourcing robust materials, and leverage the most advanced machinery and methods to assure outstanding quality and resilience.


Solid plastic dunnage is typically made from high-quality, durable plastic materials that provide reliable protection for your products during transportation and storage.

Yes, we can accommodate different product shapes and sizes. Our solid plastic dunnage can be customized to fit the specific dimensions and contours of your products, ensuring a precise fit and optimal protection.

We use advanced design and manufacturing techniques to ensure the dunnage fits your products precisely. Our team works closely with you to gather detailed product specifications, allowing us to create custom dunnage solutions that perfectly match your requirements.

While the recyclability of our dunnage options may vary depending on the specific materials used, we strive to offer sustainable solutions. We prioritize the use of recyclable and environmentally friendly materials whenever possible.

Yes, we offer customization options for the design and layout of compartments in our dunnage solutions. We understand that different products require different levels of organization and protection, and our team can work with you to create a customized design that meets your specific needs.

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