Corrugated Plastic Containers & Boxes

Experience the ultimate protection and versatility with our corrugated plastic containers and boxes. Custom designed to safeguard your products during shipping and handling, they offer invaluable advantages for businesses of all sizes.

Product Description

Our corrugated plastic boxes and containers are expertly crafted to meet the highest standards of durability and precision.

Constructed from corrugated polypropylene plastic with thicknesses up to 16 mm, our custom-designed containers are equipped to handle the most demanding applications, ensuring that your products remain safe and intact.

Corrugated plastic containers and boxes are often used to replace expendable packaging to create a returnable loop.

Our corrugated plastic containers are custom designed to provide a perfect fit for even the oddest shaped products, eliminating the risk of damage caused by ill-fitting packaging. These containers offer exceptional strength, making them capable of withstanding rough handling and preventing costly returns.

Whether you need simple die-cut foldable totes or intricate, robotic-loaded custom containers, Universal Package has the capability to fabricate a variety of designs tailored to your requirements.

We understand that different products require different levels of protection and organization. That’s why our containers can be customized with additional features such as interior dunnage, inserts, dividers, padding, and foam to create a secure transportation environment.

The use of the latest plastic welding technology allows us to offer corrugated plastic boxes that are not only durable but also highly adaptable to your specific needs. Other customizations include colors, logos, printing, placards, hand holds and more,

Lightweight and stackable, our designs help maximize storage capacities and reduce shipping costs. Furthermore, our foldable containers can be easily stored when not in use, promoting a clutter-free workspace.

Choosing Universal Package as your packaging partner means you benefit from our team’s extensive expertise and dedication. We guide you through the process of creating the perfect packaging solution for your products, offering innovative designs and production solutions that meet your specific needs.



Durability & Protection

Constructed from high quality corrugated polypropylene plastic, these containers are capable of withstanding rough handling and demanding applications, ensuring the protection of valuable products during shipping, handling and storage.

Customization and Versatility

Tailored to meet the specific needs of any product, these containers are fully customizable including custom sizes and options for interior dunnage, inserts, dividers, padding, and foam, as well as exterior customizations such as colors, logos, printing, placards, and hand holds.

Efficiency and Space Savings

Lightweight, stackable, and often foldable designs, maximizes storage capacity and reduces shipping costs.

How To Get Started



Every client’s packaging needs vary, especially when it comes to corrugated plastic containers and boxes. At Universal Package, we anticipate starting a conversation with you about your unique circumstances to precisely tailor our solutions to meet your demands.



Our cutting-edge expertise in crafting customized corrugated plastic containers and boxes empower us to offer a solution that surpasses your expectations. We are committed to providing an experience that aligns seamlessly with your business objectives and product specifications.



Trust in Universal Package’s dedicated attention to efficient and safe material transportation for your peace of mind in operations. Our corrugated plastic containers and boxes solutions are designed to streamline your process flow, guaranteeing you a seamless transition of materials.


Yes, at Universal Package, we offer customizable dimensions for our containers and boxes to ensure a perfect fit for your products. Our team will work closely with you to determine the ideal dimensions that meet your specific packaging needs. This customization ensures that your items are securely and efficiently packaged, minimizing the risk of damage during shipping and handling.

Yes, our containers and boxes are built to withstand shipping and handling. Crafted from durable corrugated plastic, they provide excellent protection for your products, minimizing the risk of damage during transportation. Rest assured that your items will be well-protected throughout the shipping process, reducing costly returns or damaged goods.

Yes, we offer the option to incorporate additional features such as dividers and padding into our containers and boxes. These custom compartments help secure the contents and minimize the risk of damage during transit. Whether you require dividers for organization or padding for extra protection, we can design a packaging solution that meets your specific needs.

The turnaround time for manufacturing and delivery of our packaging solutions varies depending on the complexity and quantity of your order. Once the design is finalized and approved, we strive to complete manufacturing in a timely manner. Our team strives to ensure efficient production and delivery of your custom containers and boxes, meeting your specific timeline requirements. We work closely with our clients to provide realistic estimates and keep them informed throughout the process, ensuring timely delivery of their packaging solutions.

Yes, we offer bulk pricing options for our packaging solutions. Contact us with your order volume and specific packaging needs, and we will provide you with competitive and customized pricing.

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