Foam Assemblies, Trays, & Pads

Choose foam assemblies, trays, and pads for superior protection, organization, and customization options that ensure the safety and integrity of your products throughout the shipping and storage process.

Product Description

Protect your products with the utmost confidence using Universal Package’s Foam Assemblies, Trays, and Pads.

These versatile packaging solutions are meticulously designed to offer tailored protection for a wide array of products across virtually any industry. Whether you’re safeguarding delicate electronic components, fragile glassware, or sensitive equipment, our foam products ensure your items arrive in pristine condition.

Our foam solutions are incredibly adaptable, making them ideal for a multitude of applications including returnable packaging, expendable packaging and WIP packaging.

From part trays and interior sets/dunnage to shock-absorbing cushioning and void fill, our foam products are designed to meet your specific requirements. With various types, densities, and thicknesses available, you can trust that our foam assemblies, trays, and pads are tailored precisely to fit your unique needs.

Engineered for superior shock absorption, our foam materials effectively mitigate the risk of damage due to drops or impacts, ensuring the longevity of your packaging and reducing costs associated with repeat shipments. Alongside this robustness, our foam solutions offer enhanced protection features such as Class A protection against scratching.

Additionally, we provide non-conductive or static-resistant options specifically designed for sensitive electronics, ensuring your products remain safe from environmental and handling hazards throughout the entire logistics chain.

Experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your products are protected by the industry-leading Foam Assemblies, Trays, and Pads from Universal Package.


Customized designs

Each foam component is custom-fitted to the shape of your product, ensuring a secure and snug hold. Our designs also account for proper weight distribution and offer scratch protection, crucial for maintaining the integrity and aesthetic of your items.

Wide Range of Options

Our foam materials can be designed with different densities and thickness for your needs. We have foams engineered with max shock absorption, non-conductive properties, scratch resistance, and more.

Diverse Applications

Universal Packaging’s foam products are versatile and used in almost every industry. They are applicable in all forms of packaging including returnable, expendable, and Work-In-Process (WIP) packaging.

How To Get Started



Our industrial packaging specialists are adept in constructing foam assemblies, trays, and pads, tailored to your needs. They believe that active listening and understanding the challenges you face is crucial. They gather essential product information which helps us to fully grasp your packaging needs and objectives, laying the foundation for the creation of impactful and custom-oriented solutions.



Our team of seasoned designers employs cutting-edge technology to craft custom foam assemblies, trays, and pads. Our designs are not only precise and seamless but also reflect your brand identity and meet organizational expectations.



Maintaining top quality, our adept team engages in the production of foam assemblies, trays, and pads. Their careful selection of robust materials combined with their use of avant-garde machinery and methods ensures that the final product is of the highest standard.


Yes, we can create custom foam solutions to accommodate non-standard products. Our team of experts will work closely with you to understand your unique requirements and design foam assemblies, trays, and pads that provide a perfect fit and optimal protection for your products.

Yes, our foam products are reusable. While they are typically designed for single-use applications, depending on their condition and intended use, certain foam assemblies, trays, and pads can be cleaned, sanitized, and reused. We can provide guidance on the reusability of specific foam products based on their durability and maintenance requirements. Reusing foam products can help reduce waste and offer cost-effective packaging solutions.

Absolutely! We specialize in creating custom foam assemblies, trays, and pads. Whether you need foam inserts for delicate electronics, trays for organizing small parts, or protective pads for larger items, our foam solutions can be tailored to match your unique requirements and ensure a secure fit.

Foam assemblies, trays, and pads provide protection against impact by acting as a cushioned barrier around your products. The foam material is designed to absorb and distribute the forces of impact, minimizing the risk of damage to your items during shipping. The combination of shock absorption and flexibility ensures that your products remain safe and well-protected.

Yes, our foam assemblies, trays, and pads are versatile and can be used for both delicate and heavy items. The customization options allow us to design foam solutions that are suitable for products of varying weights and fragility. We will take into consideration the specific needs of your items to provide the appropriate foam solution that offers optimal protection.

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