Steel Racks

Steel racks offer a resilient solution for storing, organizing and transporting goods, ensuring high performance as well as superior payload and operational efficiency. At Universal Package, we provide customizable Industrial Metal Racks, Shipping Racks, Bag Racks, WIP Racks, Tug Carts and Dollies that ensure maximum protection, convenience and productivity for your business.

Product Description

Our steel shipping and work-in-process (WIP) racks are engineered to endure heavy loads and harsh environments, showcasing exceptional strength and durability. Constructed with high-quality steel and reinforced corners, these racks protect your products during handling, storage, and transit, reducing the risk of damage.

Universal Package offers a wide array of rack styles, including Industrial Metal Racks, Shipping Racks, Bag Racks, WIP Racks, Tug Carts, and Dollies. Each system is custom-designed to meet specific client needs, ensuring maximum product protection. Our robust Shipping/Transport or Returnable Racks are built to withstand freight loading, unloading, warehousing, and forklift operations. They often feature CNC solid plastic machined parts, foams, plastic corrugated materials, fabric bag systems, and other protective elements to safeguard your products during shipping.

For in-house operations, our lightweight WIP racks can integrate with casters and tugs for easy movement between production lines. These racks use similar interior packaging solutions as returnable racks, including protective bag systems. Ergonomically designed, our WIP racks ensure seamless operator interaction and efficient line-side movement, enhancing workflow.

Adopting our custom steel racks enhances the economic and environmental sustainability of your business. These returnable and reusable solutions eliminate the need for repeated purchases of wooden pallets or crates, offering significant cost savings and waste reduction.



Constructed with high-quality steel and reinforced corners, our racks are designed to endure heavy loads and harsh environments. This robustness ensures maximum support and protection for your items during handling, storage, and transit, significantly reducing the risk of damage.


Our metal racks and carts are highly customizable to meet specific needs. We offer a range of materials, finishes, and additional features such as casters, handles, and tugs. This ensures that each rack or cart is tailored precisely to protect and transport your unique products efficiently.


Our racks and carts are engineered for ease of handling and storage. Features like the ability to stack save space, and integration with wheels, tugs or casters facilitates smooth movement within production lines. These design elements enhance workflow efficiency, reduce labor costs, and minimize the need for additional handling.

How To Get Started



Our team of packaging specialists who are experts in steel racks will patiently understand your needs, analyze your hurdles, and collate crucial information about your products.



Our in-house designers will use state-of-the-art technology to craft bespoke steel racks, ensuring the perfect fit for your products and addressing the unique needs of your business.



Finally, our proficient technicians will bring your steel rack designs to life, strictly conforming to the highest industry quality standards. Through our meticulous use of sturdy materials and the latest manufacturing techniques, we ensure a product that is not just high in quality but also reliable and functional. With our steel racks, rest assured that your products will stay protected as its stored, transported, and shipped.


Yes, our metal racks are highly customizable and offer countless designs and options. We design and manufacture metal racks and carts to accommodate various sizes, shapes, and weights, tailored to your unique requirements. Our customization options include materials, finishes, color coding, casters, handles, and tugs. Additionally, our racks can be stackable to save storage space and offer a variety of interior configurations to fit different parts. We prioritize ergonomics and efficiency, providing a custom solution that meets your operational needs.

Universal Package offers a diverse array of metal racks and carts to meet various industrial needs. These include:

1. Industrial Metal Racks: Durable racks designed for heavy-duty applications, ideal for storing and transporting large, heavy items.

2. Shipping Racks: Robust racks designed to withstand the rigors of freight loading, unloading, and warehousing.

3. Bag Racks: Specialized racks that incorporate fabric bag systems to protect smaller or delicate items.

4. Work-In-Process (WIP) Racks: Lightweight racks designed for easy movement within production lines, often equipped with casters and tugs.

5. Tug Carts: Racks that integrate with tug systems to facilitate the efficient transportation of multiple racks at once.

6. Dollies: Mobile platforms with wheels designed for easy maneuvering of heavy loads.

Each type of rack can be customized to specific client needs, ensuring optimal protection, efficiency, and ergonomics.

Yes, our steel racks are designed to be easy to move around, providing convenience and flexibility in your workflow. We understand the importance of having racks that can be easily transported within your facility or between different locations.

Our steel racks are built with mobility in mind. Depending on the specific design and configuration of the racks, they can be equipped with features such as swivel casters, wheels, or forklift pockets, making them easy to maneuver.

Yes, our steel racks are designed to withstand heavy loads. We understand that in industrial and manufacturing settings, there is often a need to store and transport materials of varying weights, including heavy items.

Our durable metal racks are designed to be returnable and reusable. Regular maintenance including inspection for signs of wear or damage and cleaning with appropriate solutions to prevent corrosion can help extend the life of your metal racks.

Damaged racks or interiors can be repaired, replaced, or retrofitted with new interiors for new programs while still using the same exterior shell. This helps prolong the life of your racks and ensures they continue to meet your needs.

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