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We have a wide selection of traffic safety products and solutions designed to increase highway safety and visibility.


Our REFLEX BACK Traffic Safety Products are engineered to deliver outstanding performance in various highway applications. Crafted with high-quality substrate materials and reflective sheeting, these products include guardrail reflectors, weed guards, traffic sign backers, and cable barrier systems, all designed for maximum durability and flexibility. Ideal for harsh environments and rigorous operations like snow removal, our REFLEX BACK solutions safeguard the roads while optimizing maintenance efficiency. Trust REFLEX BACK for reliable traffic safety products that ensure continuous protection and enhance highway safety.

Superior Quality

Our REFLEX BACK Traffic Safety Products are crafted using the highest quality substrate material and reflective sheeting. Engineered in the USA, these products promise superior longevity and are built to withstand the harshest environments, ensuring long-term reliability and road safety.


Experience unparalleled resilience with our trademarked REFLEX BACK substrate, which is both flexible and durable. This ensures that our reflectors and backers are less likely to be damaged during snow removal operations, accidents, or theft, providing consistent traffic safety without the frequent need for replacements.

Cost-Effective Solution

Invest in safety and savings with our REFLEX BACK line of products. Designed to outlast and outperform other market offerings, our traffic signs and reflectors reduce maintenance costs while significantly enhancing safety for motorists.

We Offer A Wide Range of Reflective Traffic Safety Products

Increase visibility, reduce accidents, protect drivers, pedestrians and construction workers.

REFLEx BACK UNIVERSAL w-Beam Guardrail Reflector

Enhance road safety by improving visibility of guardrails in low-light conditions, helping drivers navigate curves and obstacles more effectively.

Dual Flex Barrier Wall Reflector

REFLEX BACK Dual Flex Barrier Wall Reflector

Improve roadway safety by reflecting headlights to improve visibility and guide drivers, especially in low-light or adverse weather conditions.

REFLEX BACK Universal Cable Barrier System Reflector

Delineate boundaries and alert drivers to the presence of cable barriers, reducing the risk of collisions and improving nighttime driving safety.

REFLEX BACK Traffic Sign Backer

Enhance visibility and safety by making road signs more noticeable to drivers, especially in low-light conditions.


Protective barriers installed along roadways to prevent the growth of weeds and other vegetation that could obstruct visibility and compromise road safety.

REFLEX BACK Temporary HMA Pavement Markers

Essential tools for providing clear lane guidance and traffic control during road construction and maintenance projects.

Don't Settle For Average Products From Competitors

Industry Leading Patented Technology - REFLEX BACK

Reflex back Traffic Safety prodcuts FAQs

REFLEX BACK products are made with flexible UV resistant polypropylene substrate making it extremely durable and weather resistant.

Yes, most of the REFLEX BACK products are simple and easy to install requiring no or just a few basic tools.

Yes, these traffic reflectors are designed to withstand the harshest weather including UV rays, snow, ice, and rain.

The primary purpose of traffic safety products like reflectors is to enhance road safety by improving visibility and providing clear guidance to drivers and pedestrians. They are especially helpful for nighttime driving, poor weather conditions, lane and boundary marking, improved signage visibility and for highlighting hazards.

Replacement frequency is dependent on wear and tear but REFLEX BACK traffic safety products are designed to withstand the harshest weather element making replacements less often than other products.

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