Customized Packaging For Electronics

Collaborating closely with our clients in the electronics industry, we are experts in designing customized packaging solutions that seamlessly integrate into their supply chains. You can rely on us to optimize your operations by providing superior product protection for your valuable electronics. We understand the unique requirements of the electronics industry and can offer innovative solutions that ensure the safety and integrity of your electronic components. Contact us today to explore tailor-made packaging options that will enhance your operations and safeguard your electronic products.


Superior Product Protection

Dunnage and protective packaging provide a reliable layer of defense for delicate electronic components during transportation, storage, and handling.

Customized Solutions

Dunnage and protective packaging can be tailored to fit the specific shape, size, and fragility of your electronic products.

Prevents Damage and Reduces Cost

By utilizing proper packaging solutions, you can significantly minimize the risk of damage to electronic components.

Are Your Electronics Products at Risk of:

Protect your Electronics with:

How To Get Started


Discussion & Analysis

The first step is to reach out to Universal Package and provide a detailed look into your electronic product needs. A Packaging Solution Specialist will get in touch with you to understand your product, business goals, and challenges in detail. This will include specifics about the electronic product that requires packaging, the product size, weight, fragility, and quantity.



Based on the detailed analysis from step one, our team of engineers and designers will develop unique and cost-efficient packaging solutions that protect, present, and promote your electronic goods. Using state-of-the-art software and technology, they will create an optimal design keeping in mind safety, convenience, and sustainability. The design will then be sent for manufacturing using high-quality materials to ensure the protection of your electronic goods during transit.



Finally, after the design and manufacturing process, Universal Package will assist in the successful implementation of the new packaging solutions into your operation. This can include logistics support, clean & repair services, or even a lease rental option. Throughout this process, our professional team will be ready to provide ongoing consulting & project management support to ensure everything runs smoothly and your business sees a seamless transition with the new packaging solutions.

What our customers say

We are very pleased to see how the crate came out. It has been a pleasure working with you.

Christopher N
Manufacturing Engineeer

Thanks so much for all you and your team has done to assist us with defining a standard packaging program. The expertise and advice has been much appreciated.

Wayne P.
Pump Plant Lean Leader

FAQs for Electronics Dunnage

Custom packaging in the electronics industry refers to the design and production of packaging solutions specifically tailored to protect and transport electronic components, devices, or equipment. These packaging solutions are designed to meet the unique requirements and dimensions of electronic items, ensuring their safe and secure transportation.

Custom packaging is crucial in the electronics industry because electronic components are often fragile and sensitive to environmental factors such as moisture, static electricity, and impacts during handling and transport. Custom packaging solutions provide the necessary protection to prevent damage, minimize the risk of malfunction, and ensure that the products reach their destination in optimal condition.

Custom packaging solutions for the electronics industry are created using various manufacturing processes such as thermal die cutting, CNC routing, plastic welding, foam processing, and water jet cutting. These processes allow for precise and tailored packaging designs that meet the specific needs of electronic components and devices.

Yes, custom packaging solutions can be designed for electronic products of all sizes and shapes. The packaging design and manufacturing processes can be adapted to accommodate the unique dimensions and requirements of each electronic item, ensuring a secure fit and maximum protection during transportation.

The electronics industry relies on a variety of custom packaging products, including plastic corrugated sheets, foam packaging, water jet foams, die-cut foams, vacuum form trays, and textile bag packaging. These products are designed to fit the specific dimensions and requirements of various electronic components, providing cushioning, shock absorption, and static protection.

When deciding on the type of packaging you need, consider factors such as the nature of your products, their size and weight, fragility, transportation requirements, and storage conditions. It is also important to consider any industry-specific regulations or standards that apply to your products.

Yes, reusable packaging solutions are available for the electronics industry. These include plastic corrugated containers, steel racks with dunnage, and carts. Reusable packaging not only offers cost savings by eliminating the need for constant replacement but also reduces waste and environmental impact.

Yes, many custom packaging solutions in the electronics industry take into account the environmental impact. Reusable packaging options reduce waste generation, while materials like plastic corrugated and foam can be recycled. Additionally, some packaging materials may be made from sustainable or biodegradable materials, aligning with environmentally friendly practices.

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