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From automotive and electronics to pharmaceuticals and construction, we have the expertise and experience to cater to the unique packaging needs of diverse sectors.

Industry-Tailored Packaging and Dunnage Solutions: Customized Protection for Every Sector

Improved Protection

Protective packaging ensures precise fit, cushioning, and secure protection for your components during transportation and handling, reducing the risk of damage from impact, vibration, and movement.

Efficient Use of Space

Custom dunnage optimizes available space in shipping containers, trucks, or storage areas by creating tailored solutions to ensure a secure and organized arrangement of your products.

Streamlined Handling and Assembly

Custom packaging is engineered with ergonomic features that allow your operator to streamline the handling and assembly of your products by simplifying the retrieval, alignment, and integration processes.

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We recognize that every client’s requirements regarding packaging and custom material handling are unique. We value the opportunity to thoroughly understand your specific situation so that we can provide the best solution tailored to your needs.


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What our customers say

We received the crate, partitions, and the foam donuts and we are very pleased to see how the crate came out. We would like to make another design for another one of our parts.

Manufacturing Engineer

We have had a very positive impression of Universal with quality parts and look forward to a long relationship with them for our returnable packaging needs.

Clay M.
Sr. Advisor Engineering

FAQs for custom dunnage

Custom dunnage is packaging or material used to secure, protect, and organize products during transportation or storage. It is specifically designed and tailored to meet the unique requirements of a specific product or set of products.

Custom dunnage offers several advantages, such as providing a precise fit for your products, ensuring maximum protection against damage and reducing the risk of product movement during transit. It also helps optimize space utilization, streamline handling processes, and improve overall efficiency.

Absolutely! Protective packaging solutions can be tailored to meet the unique needs of each product. Factors such as product size, shape, weight, fragility, and transportation requirements are carefully considered when designing and engineering the packaging solution.

Protective packaging is crucial in ensuring that products reach their destination in the intended condition. It helps minimize the risk of damage, reducing the need for costly repairs or replacements. Additionally, protective packaging helps uphold product quality and customer satisfaction.

The design and fabrication process of custom dunnage involves understanding the specifications of your product, conducting a thorough assessment of transportation and handling requirements, and engineering a packaging solution that provides the desired protection and organization. The fabrication may include processes such as die cutting, CNC routing, or foam molding, depending on the materials and design requirements.

Yes, in many cases, custom dunnage can be designed and fabricated to be reusable. Reusable custom dunnage not only provides ongoing protection for your products but also helps in reducing waste and costs associated with disposable packaging.

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