Revolutionizing Medical Industry Packaging with Custom Returnable Sleeve Pack


Universal Package is a renowned provider of custom packaging solutions, offering tailored packaging designs for a diverse range of industries. With a focus on innovation and efficiency, Universal Package collaborates closely with clients to develop bespoke packaging solutions that optimize transportation, minimize costs, and enhance product protection.

Frequent collaborations with medical industry clients have positioned Universal Package as a reliable partner in revolutionizing packaging processes for organizations in this sector. One such success story exemplifying Universal Package’s expertise in creating custom packaging solutions for the medical industry is the transformational project undertaken for a leading medical industry customer looking to enhance their shipping efficiency.

Revamping Packaging Efficiency for a Medical Industry Leader

In the dynamic and time-sensitive landscape of the medical industry, the importance of streamlining packaging and transportation operations cannot be overstated. A prominent medical industry giant was confronted with a pressing issue in their shipping logistics. On a daily basis, the company relied on a cumbersome process of utilizing 12 oversized expendable corrugated boxes to transport their goods from Florida to New York. Each box measured 50” x 50” x 50” and housed 64 rolls, amounting to 768 rolls per truckload.

However, the inherent design limitations of these boxes hindered their ability to be double-stacked on trucks, a critical factor that drastically impacted the company’s transportation costs and overall operational efficiency. The inefficiencies in their existing shipping methods not only contributed to increased expenses but also impeded their capacity to maximize the utilization of available truck space, leading to suboptimal logistics and heightened complexities in their supply chain.

Universal Package's Tailored Sleeve Pack Solution

sleeve packs by universal package

Universal Package stepped in with a tailor-made solution – a custom returnable sleeve pack designed specifically for the medical industry customer. By introducing a pack that could be double-stacked and sit two-wide in the trailer, the customer’s shipping process was revolutionized. With a minor adjustment to the roll size, the new solution enabled the customer to ship a remarkable 2496 rolls per truck (compared to the 768 rolls prior) , equivalent to 3.5 truckloads.

Driving Significant Cost Savings and Operational Benefits

The impact of Universal Package’s custom sleeve pack solution was immediate and substantial for the medical industry customer. By eliminating the need for 2.5 additional truckloads, the customer experienced significant freight cost savings and a substantial reduction in packing and handling costs. The enhanced pack protection and cleanliness further added value to their product, ensuring the safe delivery of delicate medical supplies.

Long-Term Success and Sustained Value

The results of implementing Universal Package’s custom sleeve pack solution were transformative for the medical industry customer. Not only did the new packaging system deliver full product payback within a short period of 8 months, but it also continues to provide lasting benefits. Over 8 years since the initial sale, the customer still relies on this innovative packaging solution as a cornerstone of their shipping process, showcasing the sustained value and reliability of Universal Package’s offerings.

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Universal Package’s success story in revolutionizing packaging efficiency for the medical industry customer is a testament to the power of customized solutions. For more information on how our tailored packaging solutions can optimize your operations and drive cost savings, feel free to contact us directly. Let us partner with you to transform your packaging challenges into success stories.