Textile Dunnage

Textile dunnage provides flexible, durable, and space-efficient protection for delicate parts throughout the supply chain, allowing components to nest close together while safeguarding them from shocks, dust, scratches, vibrations, and electrostatic discharges, ensuring they remain secure and undamaged during transport and storage.

Product Description

Our Textile Dunnage Solutions are meticulously engineered to deliver superior Class A surface protection, making them ideal for transporting fragile components, sensitive electronics, delicate machinery, and more.

Made from robust and durable fabric, our textile dunnage also known as fabric dunnage, provides exceptional cushioning and support to prevent product damage for all industries including the automotive, appliance, military, and electronic sectors. Available as customizable fabric bags, pouches and dividers, our textile dunnage fits seamlessly into your existing containers and totes, or can be integrated into a comprehensive packaging system.

One of the standout features of our textile dunnage is its space-efficient, collapsible, and foldable design, which optimizes space utilization during transport and storage. For return shipments, the fabric efficiently fits into container bottoms, reducing freight costs and ensuring that you maximize your logistical efficiency.

Unlike rigid pcorr dunnage, fabric dunnage allows parts to nest closer together, thus enhancing pack density and reducing shipping expenses even further.

The versatility of our textile dunnage makes it suitable for use in all stages of the supply chain, including Work in Process (WIP), shipping, and storage. Each bag and pouch is tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring parts cannot slip under a cell, thus offering superior retention and protection.

By choosing our textile dunnage, companies can significantly reduce repair costs and improve overall customer satisfaction by guaranteeing the pristine condition of their products upon arrival.


Superior protection

Made from robust and durable fabric, our textile dunnage provides exceptional cushioning and support to prevent product damage.

Space-saving design

Our textile dunnage is collapsible and foldable nature maximizes space utilization during transport and storage, while its flexible fabric allows items to nest closer together without damage, enhancing pack density.

Customizable options

Available as customizable fabric bags and pouches, our textile dunnage fits seamlessly into your existing containers/totes or can be integrated into a comprehensive packaging system.

How To Get Started


Our skilled packaging experts specialize in textile dunnage. They will carefully listen to your specific needs, evaluate any challenges you may face, and gather all the essential information about your products. By doing so, we can effectively understand your packaging requirements and goals.


Our expert designers utilize cutting-edge technology to create customized textile dunnage solutions that provide a precise fit, incorporate branding elements, and meet specific organizational requirements.


Our experienced team specializes in creating high-quality textile dunnage solutions. Using advanced machinery and techniques, we carefully select durable materials to manufacture packaging that meets the highest quality standards.

FAQs About Textile Dunnage

Textile dunnage, also known as fabric dunnage, is a packaging solution made from durable fabrics designed to protect sensitive and delicate products during transportation and storage. It provides cushioning and prevents scratching, particularly for Class A surface finishes.

Textile dunnage offers superior protection against damage and scratches, is customizable to fit various container sizes, is collapsible and foldable for efficient space utilization, and can reduce shipping costs by enhancing pack density and nestability.

Customizable textile packaging solutions comes in various forms, designed to cater to different needs. Some examples include:

  • Fabric dividers and inserts
  • Fabric bags
  • Curtain covers for containers
  • Fabric partitions
  • Fabric pouches

Yes, fabric textile dunnage solutions are designed to be reusable. They are made from durable materials that can withstand multiple uses, providing long-lasting and cost-effective packaging options. The ability to reuse textile dunnage reduces waste and allows for efficient and sustainable packaging practices.

Unlike rigid dunnage, textile dunnage is soft and flexible, which helps to minimize the risk of scratches, dust and damage. It also allows for better space optimization and can reduce packing and shipping costs.

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