About universal package

You take pride in your products. We take pride in protecting them.

our values

High-Quality Products

Our products are designed to meet and exceed industry standards, ensuring that your goods are protected during transportation and storage.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

From understanding your needs and offering personalized solutions to prompt communication and responsiveness, we go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction.

Customizable Solutions

Our team works closely with you to design and create dunnage that best fits your products, ensuring maximum protection and efficiency.

Our Mission

At Universal Package, we recognize the importance of safeguarding your goods during transportation and storage. With our exceptional dunnage solutions, we offer unparalleled protection for your valuable products, ensuring their integrity and preventing any damage or losses. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing innovative and high-quality dunnage products that meet industry standards, guaranteeing secure and reliable packaging solutions. Trust us to deliver peace of mind by offering customized, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly options for your specific needs.

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Universal Package has been an industry leader in packaging and material handling for

more than 20 years.

Since 2002, we have consistently brought our customers innovative products and material handling systems that are focused on ergonomics and ease of operator use.

Our experts have the experience and knowledge you are looking for, and our manufacturing capabilities are second to none. We fully analyze your needs and build around them. Don’t waste time with trial and error, let Universal Package find your Universal Solution.

What our customers say

Thanks so much for all you and your team has done to assist us with defining a standard packaging program. The expertise and advice has been much appreciated.

Wayne P.
Pump Plant Lean Leader

We just received some totes and I must say these look great! You guys have certainly exceeded our expectations. Thanks for the quality work and quick turnaround time.

Brandon K.

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