Custom Salt Hopper Solution for New England Airport


Universal Package, the industry-leading solution provider, is known for its custom packaging solutions to cater to divergent customer needs concerning product protection, storage, and transportation. A notable instance of its brilliant innovation was witnessed when a New England Airport needed an urgent resolution for its ice problem during the winter season.

The Ice Problem - The New England Airport’s Winter Crisis

New England, known for its cold, snowy winters, presented a serious issue for the airport maintenance manager. As a weather forecast predicted a large fast-approaching storm, it was imperative to have a large salt dispensing hopper container ready to de-ice the airport. The manager’s requirements were twofold: it had to be a non-steel container (due to salt corrosion) and had to be able to simultaneously load two ATV salt dispensers. Moreover, due to budget constraints, the manager was inclined towards a cost-effective option that rejected more expensive materials like aluminum and stainless steel.

Solution Strategy - Enhancing Buckhorn's Centerflow Hopper for Performance

Custom Salt Hopper For Airport

Understanding the urgency of the situation, the design team at Universal Package got together to devise a solution. The design team decided to weld two of the Buckhorn Centerflow hopper containers together – an idea that fell under the requested budget, met the loading criteria for the ATV dispensers, and could be executed within the stipulated time frame.

Universal Package’s high-tech, custom welding machines were used to weld the containers, creating a tailor-made solution that was ready well ahead of the impending storm.

Implementing a Cost-Effective, Swift and Efficient Resolution

The airport manager received an effective, fast, and price-conscious solution for the impending winter problem. Thanks to Universal Package’s innovative approach, the airport was prepared for the winter season and was able to execute operations without interruption.

The custom-made salt hopper created by Universal Package demonstrated the company’s attention to detail, dedication to meeting customer needs, and its ability to provide solutions under tight deadlines. The ingenuity of this project highlights Universal Package’s commitment to providing not just packaging solutions, but versatile, custom-made products that cater to a wide range of client needs.

Universal Package: Proving Success with Swift Ingenuity

The uniquely created salt hopper emphasized Universal Package’s prowess in providing custom-made solutions and affirming its industry-leading status. The accomplishment of this task inscribed a milestone in the company’s journey, testifying to its commitment to best-in-class customer solutions.

The case profoundly showcases Universal Package’s capability in inventive problem-solving and denotes a robust reinforcement of their status as top-tier providers of custom packaging solutions. You can explore more about this unique salt hopper solution by contacting Universal Package directly.