Custom 162″ Plastic Welded Container For Long Distance Transit

Universal Package - The Silent Heroes Behind Shipment Protection

Universal Package, an industry leader in the field of dunnage solutions, serves as the backbone to diverse industries, ensuring their valuable goods reach their destinations safe and sound. They effortlessly merge robust protection with customization, ensuring each product, regardless of industry or specific need, enjoys an armor tailored specifically to its unique risks.

One such demonstration of their dedication and innovation in creating custom packaging solutions was their work with a manufacturer of custom plastic welders. This task was notably challenging, as it involved safeguarding a colossal 162″ welder on its long sea voyage.

Navigating the Issue – A Voyage to Australia

The challenge was stark: a manufacturer of custom plastic welders needed a unique shipping solution for a 162″ welder bound for Australia. This colossal piece of machinery needed protection from the corrosive salt water and air encountered during its long sea voyage of over a month. The manufacturer turned to Universal Package, known for devising custom packaging solutions for complex transportation needs.

Crafting an Ocean-Resistant Solution – From Concept to Creation

custom cut and weld container for shipping long distance overseas

While most packaging providers might have been daunted by the challenge, Universal Package embraced it. Their innovative solution involved constructing a custom container with easily removable walls and lid – a customized plastic cocoon specially designed to guard the welder from the harsh elements of its long journey across the ocean. Once it arrived in Australia, they could remove the walls and lid to receive the pallet they had requested. Yet, one key concern remained – the structural integrity of the container itself.

Borrowing Frame-Strength – A Welder Reinforced

Custom 162" Plastic Welded Container
Custom 162" Plastic Welded Container

Welding four containers together naturally causes a problem of flexing and lack of rigidity potentially harming the item inside. Recognizing this issue, Universal Package harnessed the robustness of the welder itself to mitigate this problem. They ingeniously made the frame of the welder an integral part of the container, thus successfully eliminating the flexing concern.

The Arrival – Perfect Product in Perfect Condition

After a month-long journey, the uniquely packaged welder touched Australian soil. With the removable walls and lid easily detached, the original request of a 162″ plastic pallet was fulfilled. Universal Package’s innovative solution not only met the manufacturer’s needs but surpassed their expectations as the welder arrived at its destination without a hint of damage.

For more information about Universal Package’s uniquely tailored shipping products, please do not hesitate to reach out. They continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in custom packaging.