Proof Plastic Industrial Containers Increase Efficiency & Growth

Any industry or business can benefit from using fabricated plastic industrial containers and packaging. The key is finding what problem the client is experiencing, listening to their ideas to solve those problems, and offering experience when giving them affordable, workable solutions.

Reusable hand totes and collapsible bulk containers are widely used for industrial purposes and are quite popular in the Automotive Industry. These containers have been developed specifically to reduce packaging costs, while also eliminating damage and contamination of parts during the assembly and transportation process.

While the automotive industry is by far the major user of these products, other industries can benefit too. Aerospace, Pharmaceutical, Medical Equipment, Agriculture, Food, Beverage, Appliance, Construction Heavy Equipment, and Distribution companies are just a few of the industries that face the same packaging difficulties as the auto industry.

The main benefit to using industrial containers and interior packaging is the standardization in the parts supply chain. When we partner with clients to create a packaging system, the benefits are derived from maximizing their packaging dollars by investing in returnable containers. This results in better protection, ease of handling, and reduction of storage space to start. 

How Universal Can Help

Our industrial stackable and collapsible containers not only reduce packaging costs through reuse, but also eliminate costly warehouse rack systems.

Client Problem:

A large manufacturer of high tech oil drilling equipment needed more space to handle their subassemblies, outside purchased components and in-house fabricated parts to support a 20% increase in their business.

They had traditionally used racks to store parts in corrugated boxes or wood crates. The boxes and crates were of various sizes for different parts, as well as various box sizes for similar components.

Universal Packaging Industrial Container Solution:

We systemized and standardized reusable collapsible containers to hold these parts. Bar Code identification labels were placed in cardholders attached to the container, identifying each part inside the containers.

The containers now stack up to 6 high using existing floor space. They actually reduced the amount of space required for storage even while increasing their production by 20%. They have eliminated a large amount of the rack system and are reporting faster “order picking” of line required components.

By offering our unique capabilities and excellent client service, we are confident we can greatly improve efficiencies within your company. Universal Package has invested heavily in specialty equipment and training to become a leader in industrial container fabrication and modification.

Contact us today and tell us more about your business, or give us a call at (866) 875-9918 to further discuss your packaging efficiency needs.