Keep Track of Your Returnable Assets with RFID


Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) isn’t a new technology. It has been keeping track of many things over the years from vehicles to pets. The read/write benefits of RFID tags are a better and less labor intensive way of tracking items than bar coding/scanning items individually.

What exactly is RFID?

Developed over 40 years ago, Radio Frequency Identification tags have evolved into small devices containing a microchip to store data, a battery, and an antenna to transmit and receive info. An RFID reader in proximity to the tag picks up radio waves transmitted by the tag. Readers do not require direct line of sight to read tags, meaning that tags are read faster and without operator intervention.

As the technology has improved, the costs of tags and readers have come down making RFID affordable for almost any application and industry.

Incorporating RFID into reusable containers

Returnable and reusable containers offer high quality, sustainable material handling solutions which offer cost and operational efficiency. These ideal containers protect and transport a wide range of goods including agricultural crops and consumer products. A challenge is presented in knowing where they are and making plans to have them returned.

Adding RFID tracking is an excellent solution. The system is made up of three components: RFID tags, a reader, and a software program. The tags are in label form and are placed on each container. Once each tag is attached, all the containers can be palletized and tracked as they move throughout the supply chain. With RFID, human errors are eliminated with the reader’s ability to automatically scan the container and log the information.

How can this help your business?

Asset tracking allows you to locate items and know exactly where they are located throughout the supply chain. It significantly increases operational efficiency and reduces costs. Containers monitored through RFID are located and returned at a higher rate than those without tracking at little or no effort.

The system enables built-in alerts and authorization controls for customized tracking. RFID reduces or eliminates labor costs and eliminates human error in tracking and management. The ability to easily locate returnable assets enables cost effective management of business information.

RFID tracking is an excellent way to track returnable assets. Automatic data gathering provides information for you to improve businesses processes and optimize operations. With RFID technology products are visible throughout the supply chain and helps improve process management.