4 Reasons to Consider a Custom Plastic Container

Posted by Jim Kulbeth on Fri, May 21, 2010

Custom plastic containers, or cut and welded conCustom Plastic Container Built for Military Applicationtainers, cost more per unit than a standard container that your products fit into "pretty well."  So why should you pay more for a custom container?  We'll give you 4 good reasons and try to make you a believer.

1.  The most expensive thing you can store and ship is air.  When your products fit into an off-the-shelf container "pretty well", chances are you have many air pockets that you can eliminate with a custom plastic container.

2.  If you stop packing "air" into your containers, you're going to be able to pack and ship more product per cubic foot, meaning your transportation costs are going to decrease.  Whether it's a sea container, train, or tractor trailer, you'll be cubing out the space with product, not with air.

3.  A custom plastic container can be built to fit your product perfectly.  This is going to result in less product damage during shipping.

4.  Loading and unloading parts or products into a custom container is going to be much easier, and require less time since the container is built specfically for the application.  Your product is 104.5 inches long....a custom plastic container can be built to hold items 104.5 inches long.

Custom, cut and welded plastic containers are not the solution to every storage and shipping application, but if you're forcing your product to fit into off-the-shelf containers it may be time to weigh the alternative.



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