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Custom Cut and Weld Bulk Containers

Custom Plastic Containers - Custom Bulk Boxes

With our state-of-the-art cut and weld capabilities, we've redefined the way you'll think about plastic bulk containers   Now you can choose a CustomtainerTM exclusively from Universal Package.

Until now, if you wanted to take advantage of the benefits of collapsible, plastic bulk containers, you've been forced to work around standard available footprints - 32" x 30", 40" x 48", 45" x 48" - extended length or extended height containers. While these sizes work perfectly in many applications, there are times when a custom size would be preferable.  By customizing the container, you can pack, ship and store items as densely as possible, and eliminate wasteful air pockets.  The same thinking applies to hand totes.

We can now offer you all the advantages of using collapsible, plastic bulk containers, and modify the width of the container to any size between 12" and 48", and provide virtually any length you require. Drop doors and open side walls are still options that can be incorporated into our custom bulk boxes, just as they are in standard size containers.

Our sophisticated cutting and welding techniques result in a bulk box that provides the same quality and structural integrity you've come to expect in an off-the-shelf container.

Call us to discuss our custom capabilities and to see how a custom size bulk box may be able to improve your product protection, shipping costs, and bottom line.

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108_x_48_x_50_Custom_Military_Container 146_x_48_x_50_Custom_Drive_Shaft_Container_with_Custom_Dunnage
108" x 48" x 50" Custom Military Container 120" x 64" x 44" custom plastic container with drop doors on both the length and width allowing easy access to contents. 146" x 48" x 50" Custom Drive Shaft Container with Custom Dunnage
48" x 45" x 34" Collapsible Container with Custom Polycarbonate Window 108" x 48" x 34" custom plastic bulk 
container with customized lid to fit.
83" x 48" x 34" Cut & Weld Container