Improve Efficiency Across Your Business with Produce Boxes

produce boxes

As packers, growers, processors, and any other business owner involved in the agricultural industry fully know, no two kinds of produce bins are exactly alike. The industry imposes a range of challenges, with issues that many business owners need to consider and address, depending on the application.

Business owners may need to ask some questions as to the best method of storing or moving their produce from harvest to storage, as well as shipping over long distances. Owners also need be aware of methods of inexpensively transferring produce from facilities to market while protecting goods from spoilage and maintaining quality and freshness.

Here are common questions business owners should ask when working with produce boxes, and reasons why plastic produce boxes are better suited for a range of cost and performance benefits.

Is the Storage Bin FDA Compliant?

Since produce boxes handle either food products or materials that are used in food production, they need to be compliant with statutes from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The FDA requires that produce boxes prevent chemicals from coming into contact with produce and vice versa. This applies even if the storage is meant to be long-term. Plastic produce bins are designed thoroughly for food and consumable material, and comply with all FDA storage and food handling requirements.

Are produce boxes Long Lasting?

Everyone knows that cardboard boxes and flexible bags are not made of the strongest materials. They can easily puncture or rip, get damaged, and ruin the product inside. Plastic produce boxes, on the other hand, are built for longevity and perform well for years. This saves businesses costs over time and  as such, your produce will last longer than with other disposable boxes.

Can the Box Handle Impact?

Flimsy cardboard or impractically expensive wooden boxes only add to the overall costs for a business. They have a low weight, damage, and impact threshold, easily getting damaged when they’re slammed, skidded, dropped, or improperly stacked.

Plastic produce boxes have a much higher resistance and strength. They can handle much more weight and damage, protecting the food inside and maintaining the shape and quality of the goods.

For a full list of the advantages of plastic produce bins, download your free eBook, 10 Things to Know About Produce Boxes, and learn how Universal Package can provide you with the plastic produce boxes for all your food storage concerns.