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Let us put our extensive manufacturing experience to work in your material handling and packaging operation. Our highly qualified team of experts coupled with a wide variety of state-of-the-art, and in some cases, one-of-a-kind production equipment makes us the go-to solution for your scheduled and last-minute manufactured packaging needs. 

Our manufacturing capabilities are far reaching and include:

  • Custom Plastic Totes and Boxes
  • Custom Dunnage
  • Sleeve packs
  • Expendable Corrugated Packaging
  • Metal WIP Racks
  • Metal Returnable Racks
  • Bag Dunnage
  • Foam assemblies, trays and pads
  • Solid plastic parts and components
  • Cut & Weld Custom Containers
  • Kitting Totes



Kongsberg Sample CAD Table

3 Axis CNC Router Max: Width: 86 inches
Max Length: 120 inches
Max Depth: P Corr = 8mm
Paper = TW
HDPE = 3/16 inch
Foam 3 1/2 inches

Sonic Welder

Max Depth Tray: 32 1/2 inch
Max Depth Tube or Open Box: 65 inch


Max Width: 60 inches
Max Length: 120 inches
Max Depth: +4 inches
Trim: Bit width times number of passes


Max Width: 120 inches
Min Width: 4 inches
Min Length: 5 inches
Trim Required 1 inch Length & 1 inch Width

Hot Plate Die Cut Machine

Uses flat wood cutting dies for low cost tooling.
Capable of heat sealing plastic corrugated up to 5mm.
No minimum blank size.
Max Blank size 70"x102"
Foams from: 1/32" to 1/2"
Corrugated paper: 1/16'' to .625"
Plastic corrugated: 2mm to 13mm
Solid plastic: up to 3/16"

Hot Plate Welder

Due to our hotplate welder having a 30” tall heated surface we can weld an extended height container base
Max Width: 122 inches
Max Thickness: 1 7/8 inches

"The totes shipped on time to us and arrived on time and the consistency and quality was what we expected. The staff was always courteous and provided detailed, timely information. Their demeanor made you feel like you were working with your next door neighbor." - Jon, Product Development Manager