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Discover the power of our reliable reusable packaging solutions and trust us to keep your products safe and secure every step of the way.

Why Choose Universal?

At Universal Package, we are dedicated to providing top-quality dunnage and custom packaging solutions that meet and exceed industry standards. We offer customizable options to tailor our products specifically to your needs, ensuring maximum protection for your goods during transportation and storage. With a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, we strive to deliver exceptional service, taking the time to understand your requirements and providing personalized solutions.

High-Quality Products

Our products are carefully designed to surpass industry standards, providing utmost assurance in safeguarding your goods throughout transportation and storage.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

We prioritize your satisfaction by going above and beyond to understand your requirements, offering tailor-made solutions, and maintaining prompt communication and responsiveness.

Customizable Solutions

Collaborating closely with you, our team creates custom packaging solutions tailored to your products, guaranteeing optimum protection and efficiency.

Custom Designed Industrial Packaging

Let us put our extensive manufacturing experience to work in your material handling and packaging operation. Our highly qualified team of experts coupled with a wide variety of state-of-the-art, and in some cases, one-of-a-kind production equipment makes us the go-to solution for your scheduled and last-minute manufactured packaging needs.

Our manufacturing capabilities are far reaching and include:

Standard Products


What our customers say

This project went extremely well and I was impressed that we were able to get what we wanted as quickly as we did. We were able to deliver the machine to our team in Italy two full weeks ahead of schedule.

Performance Testing Manager

You guys are now my go to shop for everything corrugated and plastic. I am sure to reach out to you when I need something made up.

Logistics Specialist

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