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Engineered Dunnage & Custom Packaging

With a robust line of production equipment and years of experience, we are experts in plastic dunnage engineering. We can both design and manufacture any custom packaging system or dunnage container to fit your needs. 

All planning and production of our engineered packaging solutions is done in house by our own team, from start to finish. 

Plastic Corrugated Boxes

We can provide corrugated bulk boxes, corrugated totes, or custom corrugated packaging.

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Trade Show Containers

Standard size containers are not built to conform to the size and shape of your materials. We can design custom trade show containers so all your materials are safely transported.

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Protective Packaging

Ship it safe. At Universal Package we are experts at engineering and fabricating protective packaging systems.

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Custom Plastic Totes

When standard is not an option we can design custom tote boxes to meet your needs.

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Custom Containers - Cut & Weld

With our state-of-the-art cut and weld capabilities, we can fabricate the exact dimensions you need for your plastic bulk containers.

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Engineered Packaging Systems

Let our engineers design a custom packaging system to fit your packaging needs, ensuring "The Right Fit the First Time."

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