How Custom Trade Show Cases Save Time (and Money)

To those of you working long hours at trade shows (sometimes by yourself), we’d like to ask a few questions …

When you’re setting up your booth, wouldn’t it be nice to have all your components readily available, neatly packed, and easy to reach in a trade show case? 

Are you tired of rummaging for missing items like an extension cord, your lights, and that little gizmo that attaches to your framework and holds it all together? 

If you’ve previously relied on cardboard boxes, have they ever been rained on before making it into the convention hall?

You see, we understand that actually working a trade show is hard enough, even without all the mishaps resulting from inconsistent preparation and organization.

Now, imagine if everything you needed to pull off a successful trade show could be neatly organized, easily transported, and even shipped? How much time and money would you save at your next show? The surprisingly simple answer to most people’s trade show woes are custom-built trade show cases. They promise simplified exhibit shipment, installation, and teardown. 

The Benefits of Custom Trade Show Cases

Easier Set-up & Tear-Down

When you tear down a conventional trade show booth, you typically need to store all the components separately; but the custom containers we design here at Universal Package have internal places built for each individual component, which can even be numbered — so nothing is ever misplaced. This has the added benefit of making it easy to do visual checks for all your ‘must-have’ pieces before the whole container is shipped!

Our units are built to individual exhibit specifications, and we pack them in a manner that prioritizes ease of loading and unloading. Ergonomics are key, especially when your maintenance team isn’t available. Custom designs mean setup and tear down are a lot faster.

Plus, the containers themselves can be utilized as a table and/or work-surface, making them an actual part of your exhibit!

The end result? Everything has its place. No extra boxes. No forgotten items.

Heavy-Duty Construction & Materials

Our containers are durable and more than capable of withstanding anything the exhibit hall (or LTL employees) can dish out. Made from either heavy-duty structural foam, plastic, or plastic sheet sleeve packs, these custom trade show cases will last forever since the interiors can be converted for when you update your booth components.

It goes without saying each of our crates are built to protect the exhibit and its pieces so that when you’re all set up, your booth looks like it came straight from the manufacturers facility. Additionally, any of the surfaces visible to the consumer can be manufactured with Class A surface finishes (painted, chromed, plastic, etc.), resistant to damage from rubbing, smudging, or scratching.

Versatile Transport Options

Universal Trade Show Containers are custom-made to be moved by fork truck or pallet jack.

Custom dollies can even be added to your container so you can move it on your own without getting the union lift operator to move it for you.

Working with Our Customers

We like to work with our customers one-on-one throughout the build process to get their feedback on design and materials.

Before we build the unit(s), all case concepts are first generated in our CAD 3D modeling process to show how the container will function.

So, if you want to save money in shipping costs and (more importantly) time setting up, dismantling, and storing your booth exhibit, Universal Package’s customized trade show containers are the perfect solution.

See more information on our trade show cases in our product catalog. Or if you need to quote a custom project, our sales team can help.