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Our high-pressure injection molded pallets are engineered to withstand the rigors of any application by offering better strength to weight ratios than competitive products. From one-piece rackable pallets to our closed-surface, welded nestable design, we have a versatile line of pallets that will perform brilliantly in your specific application. Our current line of pallets includes a nestable 48x40, a rackable 48x40, a durable manufacturing 48x45 and, for the beverage industry, a rackable 37x37.

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 Features and Benefits

  • Designed for easy cleaning and sanitary applications
  • Strong and rugged with racking capacities
  • Available in FDA and USDA approved materials
  • All fork openings with tapered entry and exit for ease of handling
  • Designed for automated conveying
  • Sustainable; made with recyclable materials
  • Buy-back pallet programs available
  • Available in HDPE or PP for racking applications
  • Molded in logos available for customization 
  • Perimeter lip and no lip options available
  • RFID plates
Model Number FootPrint
(L × W × H)
UP-RP 4840-6 I 48" x 40" x 6" Rackable Pallet
UP- RP 4840-6 II 48" x 40" x 6" Rackable Pallet
UP-SP4840-61 48" x 40" x 6.5" Nestable Pallet
UP-SP4845-5 48" x 45" x 5" Durable Manufacturing Pallet
Top Cap 4845 Injection Molded 48" x 45" x 1" Durable Manufacturing Pallet
UP-NP 4845-6 48" x 45" x 6" Durable Manufacturing Pallet
Top Cap 4845 48" x 45" x 1" Durable Manufacturing Pallet