Steel WIP Racks

Designed for durability and efficiency, these racks help streamline workflow, enhance production control, and ensure easy access to work-in-progress items.

Product Description

At Universal Package, our steel WIP racks are crafted with high-quality steel, guaranteeing exceptional strength and stability in even the most rigorous industrial environments. We understand that efficient storage solutions are essential for maintaining smooth manufacturing processes and optimizing productivity.

With our steel WIP racks, you’ll have the power to organize your work-in-progress materials effectively. Our adjustable shelving allows for easy customization, accommodating different product sizes and shapes. This ensures maximum storage capacity and eliminates wasted space.

The open design of our racks provides quick and effortless access to your materials, reducing the time spent searching for items and facilitating a seamless workflow. No more delays or hindered productivity – everything you need will be within reach.

Mobility is a crucial aspect of our steel WIP racks. Equipped with integrated wheels and casters, you can easily move the racks between workstations, optimizing the flow of your manufacturing processes. This not only saves time but also minimizes the risk of damage during transitions.

With Universal Package as your partner, you’ll experience the benefits of efficient storage solutions designed specifically for your work-in-progress materials. Say goodbye to disorganized workflow, wasted space, and poor accessibility. Upgrade to steel WIP racks and optimize your manufacturing operations today.


Optimized Storage Space

Our racks feature adjustable shelving, allowing you to customize the layout to accommodate different product sizes and shapes. This maximizes storage space and improves overall organization.

Seamless Workflow

The open design of our racks provides quick and effortless access to your work-in-progress items. Say goodbye to wasted time searching for materials and enjoy a streamlined manufacturing process.

Enhanced Mobility

Equipped with integrated wheels and casters, our racks can be easily moved within your facility. This ensures seamless transitions between workstations, increasing productivity and reducing the risk of damage to your materials.

How To Get Started



Our packaging experts will listen to your needs, assess your challenges, and gather all necessary details about your products to understand your packaging requirements and goals effectively.


Custom Design

Our experienced designers will create tailored packaging solutions using advanced technology, ensuring a precise fit, incorporating branding elements if desired, and addressing specific organization needs.



Our skilled team will manufacture your packaging solutions to the highest quality standards, carefully selecting materials for durability and utilizing state-of-the-art machinery and techniques.


Yes, our steel WIP (Work-in-Progress) racks can be fully customized to fit your specific product dimensions. We understand that every product has unique requirements, and we are dedicated to designing racks that provide the perfect fit for your needs. Our experienced engineers and designers will work closely with you to understand the dimensions, shape, and weight of your products, and create a tailored rack solution accordingly.

Yes, we provide installation services for our steel WIP racks. Our team of trained professionals has extensive experience in assembling and installing various types of racks, including steel WIP racks. We understand that proper installation is crucial to ensure the stability, functionality, and safety of the racks.

Yes, our steel WIP racks are designed to be easy to move around, providing convenience and flexibility in your workflow. We understand the importance of having racks that can be easily transported within your facility or between different locations.

Our steel WIP racks are built with mobility in mind. Depending on the specific design and configuration of the racks, they can be equipped with features such as swivel casters, wheels, or forklift pockets, making them easy to maneuver.

Yes, our steel WIP racks are designed to withstand heavy loads. We understand that in industrial and manufacturing settings, there is often a need to store and transport materials of varying weights, including heavy items.

Yes, we offer maintenance services for our steel WIP racks to ensure their continued functionality and longevity. We understand that regular maintenance is essential in preserving the performance and reliability of your racks.

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