Sleeve Packs

Sleeve packs provide a practical and space-saving solution for packaging and transporting goods. Comprised of removable sleeves and a sturdy base, these packs allow for efficient stacking and nesting, optimizing storage space and reducing transportation costs.

Product Description

Introducing our custom sleeve packs, also known as plastic gaylords, a lightweight, collapsible solution designed for bulk shipping to prevent breakages, displacement and damages. Constructed from top-grade corrugated polypropylene plastic, available in thicknesses up to 16 mm, our sleeve packs boast exceptional impact resistance ideal for the most demanding applications. With the thickest corrugated material on the market, you can trust our sleeve packs to offer unmatched strength and durability throughout the entire supply chain.

Each sleeve pack consists of a plastic pallet base, collapsible walls, and a plastic lid or mirror image top. This design not only protects your products but also optimizes storage space and reduces logistics costs. The adjustable sleeves provide easy access and quick loading, enhancing operational efficiency and saving valuable time. When empty, the walls can be collapsed and stored inside the base and lid, making them an incredibly space-efficient solution.

Our sleeve packs are available in a variety of standard pallet size footprints and can also be manufactured to custom height requirements, ensuring a perfect fit for your specific needs. The standard forklift entry design allows for easy movement and stacking, just as with any other bulk container.

These distribution containers are ideal for applications where the load is restrained and exerts downward pressure. They can be made from either corrugated plastic or corrugated paper to fit your specific requirements.


Exceptional Durability

Constructed from top-grade corrugated polypropylene plastic, available in thicknesses up to 16 mm, our sleeve packs offer exceptional strength and impact resistance. This makes them ideal for the most demanding applications, ensuring your delicate or fragile items are well-protected throughout the supply chain.

Customizable Design

Our sleeve packs are available in a variety of standard pallet size footprints and can be customized to your exact height requirements. They offer the flexibility to be made from corrugated paper, light-grade plastic, or heavy corrugated plastic. Additionally, they can be screen printed or silk screened with logos, location markers, identification information, etc.

Space-Saving Design

The collapsible design allows for easy storage and transport when not in use. The adjustable sleeves provide quick loading and unloading, enhancing operational efficiency and saving valuable time. Additionally, the ability to stack and nest the packs efficiently maximizes storage space and reduces logistics costs.

How To Get Started



We initiate our process by conducting an in-depth evaluation of your product. We consider size, weight, fragility, and other essential details. This helps us create packaging that is precisely tailored to your specifications and needs.



Post the creation of our custom sleeve packs, we put them through stringent tests. This ensures that they offer comprehensive protection under various conditions. We refine and adjust the designs as needed, guaranteeing the final product is par excellence.



Our adept team, employing the custom-designed sleeve pack solutions, meticulously ensures each of your products is safely housed and secured. Our end-goal is not just production but providing you a peace of mind knowing that your items are well protected.


Sleeve packs or plastic gaylords are used for bulk shipping and storage of various products. They are particularly useful for transporting delicate or fragile items due to their durability and impact resistance.

Sleeve packs offer several benefits, including high durability and impact resistance, space-saving collapsible design, easy loading and unloading, and customizability in terms of height and printing options. They also allow for efficient stacking and nesting, optimizing storage and reducing logistics costs.

Yes, our sleeve packs are designed to be stackable, offering efficient storage solutions for your products. We understand the need to optimize storage space and minimize clutter in your facilities.

Sleeve packs are made from corrugated polypropylene plastic, which can be up to 16 mm thick. They can also be constructed from corrugated paper or light to heavy-grade plastic, depending on the specific needs and applications.

Sleeve packs enhance operational efficiency through their quick loading and unloading capabilities. Their collapsible nature allows them to be easily stored when not in use, freeing up valuable space. The standard forklift entry also makes them easy to move and stack. Their stackable design allows customers to maximize vertical space and create a more organized storage system. This feature is particularly beneficial for warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing facilities with limited floor space.

The lifespan of sleeve packs can vary based on the material used and the conditions under which they are used. However, their robust construction and reusable design ensures they are built for long-term use, providing a durable solution for repetitive shipping and storage needs.

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